The specialists of our drug addiction treatment center «Genesis life» are ready to help an alcohol addict any moment.

We have specialists with vast experience of work with alcohol addicts. We use methods that are effective even in case of compulsory alcoholism treatment. Working with psychologists, rehabilitation specialists and consultants gives the alcohol addict an opportunity to acquire knowledge and habits that will help him become stable sober.
Anonymous alcoholism treatment is the main rule of our centre «Genesis life».
Individual approach to the patient, while treating alcoholism, increases the chance of successful recovery significantly and the complex of group trainings helps to correct the character defects, develop new principles, values and get the motivation for the sober lifestyle.
Our rehabilitation center in Ukraine and other countries have been operating for more than 18 years.
Our vast experience, along with the klatest scientific discoveries in alcohol treatment, plus continuous experience exchange with organizations that work in the field of alcoholism treatment explain the high percentage of recovery of our patients. Loyal attitude, comfortable living conditions, quality food and an opportunity to grow in physical, spiritual, intellectual and social fields of life make alcohol addict a highly effective person over time.
Our work begins with the physical recovery of an organism. Starting with the detoxification and выведение из запоя, using the complex of an physical exercises.
The second and the most valuable part of the treatment is psycho recovery of an alcohol addict. For this part of work we have a team of the professional psychologists, psychotherapists and drug treatment specialists. Recovery of an alcohol addict person includes an active participation of the patient and his relatives. Permanent self development is a mandatory part of the alcoholism treatment program in our rehabilitation center «Genesis life».
We offer alcoholism treatment in Kiev in the стационар conditions, we also help with effective кодировкой of alcohol addicts using modern technologies and medications produced in the USA.
It is critical to understand that a greater effect in the recovery of an alcohol addict will be reached if the help of the professionals is requested in a timely manner.
The specialists of «Genesis life» are ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: phone consultations, and request for a home visit lets us provide you with professional timely help.
According to the rules of doctor ethics, anonymous alcohol treatment is нерушимое правило of the rehabilitation center «Genesis life».