Ludomania is gambling addiction. Just like any other addiction it leads to the destruction of each area in person life, especially social and psychological. 

Gamblers has constant thoughts about the game, an obsessive desire to play, and are permanently involved in the game process. As the time passes the person looses control and he can’t stop himself anymore. An obsessive desire of a gambling addict to make a bet can be compared to the desire of a drug addict to take a doze of drug. Gambling addict has almost the same feelings as a drug addict does, such as irritation, aggression, anxiety and many others.

Ludomania treatment helps person to quit gambling and to start living his life all over again. Our center «Genesis Life» provides ludomania treatment in Kiev using contemporary methods that are improving all the time.

Ludomonia treatment , just like a treatment of any other disease, must be provided on time, because day by day the gambler loses more and more money, he feels guilt and misery and those feelings often leads to madness and suicide.

Our center «Genesis life» offers anonymous ludomania treatment in Kiev using contemporary methods. Our specialists have been working with addicts for 19 years and they have a vast experience in this area.

Anonymous treatment of ludomania in Kiev is the best alternative for the addict. In our center «Genesis life» an addict will learn how to fight this addiction, rebuild the destroyed relations with relatives and find motivation to start his life all over again. Our psychologists and consultants will help them with that.

Gambling is an addiction to the computer games. It is usually compared to ludomania, as the subject of an addiction is the same — an obsessive desire to play.

Usually so called online games leads to gambling, where in worldwide web millions of people spend their time. During the game brain of the addict emits a portion of serotonin (happiness hormone) which the gambler gets hooked on quickly and over time cannot reject the game.